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Ten Reasons to choose Veritas Health Systems

1. Save significantly on premiums and have potentially LESS out of pocket with a CDH plan!

2. We have been designing and administering HRA and HSA plans since they were first introduced.

3. We are more than a TPA and provide significantly more services than a typical bank HSA.

4. We have over two decades of experience in the group health insurance industry.

5. Our member website is designed specifically to support CDH plan, all in one place.

6. Our member care services team is trained to support every aspect of your CDH plan.

7. With Veritas you can bring your current FSA under one roof with your HSA.

8. Our member education services give employees the information they need to understand this new type of health care benefits package.

9. Choose the HSA investment option that is right for you.

10. Veritas knows CDH plans, because that's all we do!